Friday, August 9, 2013

Tilda Swinton smells like curry

I'm slowly trying to smell my way through the Etat Libre d'Orange perfume collection. So far I've tested perfumes in a very ad hoc way. I've reached my hand into the paper bag and worn whatever I picked.

Photo: Glen Luchford for Dazed & Confused Magazine, found on Tumblr
Today the pick fell on Like This. Tilda Swinton's ELdO-perfume. I love Tilda. Oh my gosh; I'd totally pay good money for her bottled up. BUT. The perfume: Not. So. Much.

Ough, what a total disaster. It opened so beautifully: Lovely fresh cut ginger, sweet tangy tangerine, round pumpkin and a flutter of heliotrope... Now, after a couple of hours, all I get is pumpkin sweetness and curry. Yes, curry. Damn you Immortelle! You are supposed to be caramelly and sweet. You're supposed to be "one of the most fragrant plants, which contributes to giving the Corsican “maquis” its characteristic perfume. Immortelle produces a fascinating, rich, multi-layered, sexy, desireable, satisfying aroma." But not satisfying as an Indian meal of curry and Naan. I know that you are mentioned to have a kind of curry note, but did that particular note have to be so prominent on my skin? Why not focus the scent projection on the ginger, the  pumpkin and the heliotrope (oh, heliotrope, how I love thee!)?

I thought Tilda and I would be like this *crosses index and long finger*. Not only because she is drop-dead-beautiful, but also because of ther pride-flag-stunt in Russia. And it seemed so promising at the start, but you have proven yourself to be a wolf in a sheep's skin, Tilda. Or some sort of defiant dish thought up in Heston Blumenthal's insane/genious mind.

Source: Twitter/ElioIannacci

But you can totally make it up to me though. You could, say, take me out to dinner or something....As long as it's not Indian.

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