Monday, May 13, 2013

Tie-sty dinner with friends

Last weekend was Sugar Hill Weekend in Stockholm. It is an amazing Full Weekend Event with music, shopping, dancing, performances etc from the 1920-1950s era (with focus on the 1930-1940s). My friends Madelin, Josefin and Sandra organized it and it took place in a fantastic venue called Södra Teatern which used to be just a theatre for a long time, then happened on bad times and was used as a food storing facility (yeah, I KNOW, right?!) and have now been turned into a fantastic stage for international music and performing arts.

Christopher and I took the chance to clean out our wardrobes (make space for more) to sell at the vintage market at Sugar Hill and after the market we headed out to dinner at a close by Italian restaurant. If you think we're particularly handsome in the photo above it must be because of our vintage ties (Christopher's a collector and kindly lended both Åsa and me a tie each; Lars had is own.) I'd gladly wear ties more often, it's just difficult finding good button down shirts for them, in good ladies sizes. The search goes on!

Ta ta!

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