Monday, May 13, 2013

Staycation when summmer came

Oh dear, I love staycationing. Who says you have to go somewhere to vacation? I love Stockholm, I love our apartment, and I love slow mornings when the sun rounds the corner of the house and the rays land on our bed as we slowly slowly wake up. It's the best.

For the full four days of vacation I was planning to harvest a bunch of dandelion leaves (to make Kimchi), and a heap of nettles and ground elder leaves to blanche and freeze in little cubes.* Did I manange to do any of that? No. Instead I lounged on the balcony, went on a mini road trip that planted us in a strange industrial area and to the place abandoned bikes go to die (or in a best case scenario get a second life) and spent time with my darlin' and our friends. We barbecued for the first time this year (Chuck steak, bacon wrapped asparagus, roasted red bell peppers and grilled garlic, oh maan, delish!) and had one too many waffles/pancakes at Sandra's birthday pancake-bonanza. We had deliscious fika (several times!). We met Madelin's new kittens (O - MY - GOSH!! Cuteness overload!). We biked in the sunset I also repotted some of my plants and have moved out almost all the crops that need to be outside to the balcony. We watched several bad movies (I have a thing for 80s movies. I think they are my favorite genre, really) and generally staycationed real good.

Now I'm back at work, busy as ever but with a super important steering group meeting behind me where I got approval for our project plan go ahead! YAY!

How was your weekend?

*I'm planning on doing a post on edible weeds, if that would be interesting at all. It is my newest obsession! Free yummies for all!

**Photos are all from either my or Christopher's Instagram (he's @banjodjango)

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