Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What to accomplish 2013

1. Get over my dance anxiety.

2. Learn simple pattern construction and how to sew.

3. Find a way quit yo-yo exercising and start really exercising.

4. Start blog

It's a good start to a year when you've managed to accomplish 25% of your set goals 2013 in the first month. Either you're really good at accomplishing things or you set your goals too low....But let's not linger on that thought because Yay! I'm a blogger!

A couple of comments on the three first things to accomplish:

1. I have a complicated relationship to my swing dancing. I love it, but it gives me a lot of grief a lot of the time. Or rather, my performance anxiety gives me a lot of grief when I'm too critical about my dancing, so really I should be getting over my performance anxiety....

..or just get better at dancing.

2. I've signed up for a sewing and pattern construction evening course! The excitement is basically indescribable! This means by summer I'll have 50% of my 2013

3. I am a firm believer in "shock starting" rather than "soft starting". Easing into projects have never been my kind of melody, instead I will throw myself in head-first, and then manage to prioritize other things when the intesity of the shock start begins to subside...NOT GOOD. So, this will change. At least once I week I should be able to exercise. That is a minimum I set up for myself. And it does not mean that I can exercise four times one week and then go three weeks without (not like THAT ever happened or anything..heeeeeh..)

This is my promise to you myself, 2013.

Tomorrow I will tell you about this blog.



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