Thursday, January 10, 2013

Purpose and Intent

I keep my promises.
Actually I'm quite anal about promises. I once shut a friend out and ignored her (I was young) for a month because she said she promised and then she didn't (she was young).
But then I let it go, it all involved a stuffed animal (a cow) and some tears. There are always tears with broken promises.

So, since I want no tears to be shed and I promised I'd tell you what this blog is all about, here goes:

In high school art class we had Research Workbooks. They were black (until we covered them with paint, silly/pretentious quotes, fabric, and rose petals (really!)) and quite large and bulky. We were asked to fill them with inspiration and research for our art projects. For example there were at least five pages of different kinds of linoleum and soft prints of varying quality and aesthetics (I went with the soft print option; cutting linoleum is hard!), approximately 2 billion print outs of art work by artists who were influential to me during High School (Dalí, Pollock, Mueck, Öst, Emin, Kruger, Mann, etc) as well as scribbles about processes, colors, projects and diary notes.

I miss that.

I’m hoping this blog will be to my present self what the research workbook was to my high school self. A record of my creative endeavours, in and out. Perhaps you’d like to come along on the journey? I’ll be sure to post ideas, thoughts and tips that may be of help to you if you decide to try something similar yourself.

Welcome to my Online Research Workbook! See you around!

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