Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mango Frozen Yoghurt (or "On the matter of undeserved compliments")

You know that feeling when people compliment you on your great make up and really it’s just yesterday’s make up that you were too lazy to wash off? Or when your dinner guests ooh and aah over the meaty deliciousness of the consommé when really it’s just a meat bouillon cube dissolved in hot water? Got that feeling? Yeah, that’s a little bit how I feel about this recipe for homemade mango frozen yoghurt. I’m almost ashamed of how easy it is.

But really it’s so brilliant because it is so simple and you can easily change it around to suit your specific preferences (some like it sweet, some like it tart as hell). The way I do it is I pair approximately the same about of Greek style yoghurt* with frozen mango (cut in small cubes), add a dollop of Lyle’s Golden syrup and if I’m lucky a little splash of full cream and then I mix it with my wand mixer until smooth, and voilà! Creamy, delicious, easy and totally fulfilling homemade mango frozen yoghurt. I added some vanilla powder for good measure, but really it’s equally good without. Now go and experiment with other frozen fruit and berries!

Mango Frozen Yoghurt (serves two frozen yoghurt-craving people or approximately one recently dumped health-conscious person (this is totally legitimate comfort food & healthier than Ben&Jerry's))

3 deciliters greek style yoghurt, the 10% kind (If you want to opt for a low fat option, just go drink water instead, I’m dead serious. Live a little!)
3 deciliters frozen mango (cubed, they usually come that way in the frozen section)
1 tablespoon dollop of Lyle’s Golden Syrup (or other amber colored syrup. Maple syrup probably works just as well, if you like that maple-y flavor!)
2-3 tablespoons of full cream (See comment for yoghurt)
(1 sprinkle of vanilla powder, optional!)

1 fairly narrow bowl with high edges
1 wand mixer (you could obviously do this recipe in a normal food processor as well!)
1 rubber spatula
2 serving bowls
2 spoons

Cooking instructions:
1. Pour all ingredients into bowl.

2. Mix with wand mixer until smooth.

3. Use rubber spatula to get all the frozen yoghurt into serving bowls.

(3,5. Lick remaining youghurt off the rubber spatula)

4. EAT!

(If for some reason you don't want to eat it straight away: chuck it in the freezer and eat it later (it'll go pretty hard though) or place it in the refrigerator and drink it like it smoothie later!)

Will you make this recipe? Have any ideas for other fruit, berries or something else all-togehter to make it with instead of mango? Let me know in the comments section! I'd love to get inspired by ya'll!

*On the matter of Greek Style Yoghurt: In Sweden we have Greek style and Turkish style 10% yoghurt and of those two the Greek one is better for this recipe. But if you don't have those two options to choose from what you want to look for is a 10% yoghurt that is a little bit "stringy" when you spoon it out of its package (it should be kind of like clotted cream in consistency). If it's too compact it's not the preferable kind, but it still works! 

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