Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wild Chives

I was out walking with Miriam during the weekend when I happened to see some mysterious looking grass. Curious as I was, I picked up a leaf of "grass" to smell it, only to notice it smelled distinctly of Midsummer. Chives! That delightful leek that goes so well with sour cream and pickled herring! Well, this was great I thought and I planned to harvest some chive-bulbs to have on my balcony. Today I did it!

I had to dig deep so as to not just cut off the stems from the bulb, which proved difficult as there were a lot of pine roots to dig around and the earth was very heavy and clay like. But eventually I got the little bulbies:

They're already spreading a lot of roots so I don't know if they'll survive the move, but one can always hope, yes?

 More digging and in the background your can see our house! The Holmair Residence is on the floor one below the top floor! The view is In-cre-di-ble!

Have you ever harvested wild bulbs? Have any tips? Ever cooked with wild chives? Let me know in the comment section!

See you around!

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