Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tussilago Farfara

A sure sign of spring in Sweden is that little baby-suns start popping up in ditches and along roads. Tiny little, really quite inconspicuous yellow flowers that almost resemble those pain-in-the-rear-weeds we all know and love (I'm speakin' dandelions, you know what I'm talkin' bout, hmm?). But since we experience such long winters in our neck of the woods, and such short, short days during winter that we almost feel enveloped in eternal darkness, those little darling sprinkles of sunshine that contrast against the melting spring soil are a song telling us we have been born again. Life comes back to us and that's why I feel so happy today; I saw my first Tussilago Farfara (Coltsfoot) of this season on my way from a work meeting. Such a little darling dash of sunshine, such a big, big message of rebirth.

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