Monday, April 29, 2013

Today is a product of yesterday

I went thrifting yesterday. It was not at all planned, and in fact it was with some reluctance that I entered the garage at Liljeholmsgallerian because the last couple of times I'm visited the Car Boot Flea Market which is hosted there I found nothing. Well, I guess I got lucky this time. You'll be seeing some of my finds in a couple of posts the next few days (disguised as outfit posts, as this one), I'm sure. I'm spreading my graces over a couple of days...

Circle skirt from the 70s with heaps of summer flowers. The seller told me she bought it to wear to someone's wedding and that she felt prettier than the bride!

Darling pumps, brand new from La Radoute. The seller told me she broke her toe right after buying them, so she never got to wear them as they hurt too much after the toe healed... They are a lovely red and greeinsh blue. With tassles! I love tassles!

This litter joker I found a couple of weeks ago at a second hand store in Södertälje. Just found a matching chain the other week at Stadsmissionen.

...Along with this darling little brooch, also at Stadsmissionen.

Worked from home today (love it!) because the trains were superdelayed, so I simply went back home and logged on in the home office. Hooray for flexible workplaces!

Were you at the Car Boot Flea Market this weekend? Or did you thrift somewhere else?


  1. vad fint att du kommenterade just idag, var precis på väg att leta upp din blogg. bra tajmat, KRAM!

    1. Haha! Timing har inte alltid varit mitt esse, men ibland så! Välkommen!


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