Monday, April 15, 2013

Plants & Dreams

I had the strangest stress dream last night. For me, stress dreams usually have something to do with work. I need to deliver something for work, I forgot something at work, someone at work gets superduper angry at me, etc. This night I dreamt I had to deliver a presentation to a very significant person and in my dream I was trying to create this presentation (in PowerPoint, I hate PowerPoint) but all the little aspects of my flow charts turned into thoughts about plants, and seedlings and growing things. I could literally think of nothing other than plants. Plants plants plants. Perhaps I'm engrossing myself a little too much in this growing green things thing...

Bought the most amazing climbing lily yesterday. It is honestly one of the prettiest things I've seen, ever. The only thing making it not-my-totally-favorite-flower-ever-but-almost is the fact that it does not smell. I love scented flowers. I mean l o v e. Seriously. Obsessed. I might spray it with Heliotrope perfume just to make it better, because LOOK at it. Uh-may-zing.

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