Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fenomenal Klubb went to Sea

Photo from Janne Tavares's Instagram @jannetavares

This last Saturday my band Jannes Fenomenala Orkester (Janne's Phenomenal Orchestra) performed at the season finale of our club: Fenomenal Klubb (Phenomenal Club (I didn't really need to translate that, did I?)). Here are some pictures from the evening  (if nothing is mentioned, all the photos are taken from our Facebook site):

Our lovely horn section

The amazing Conny Thimander, straight from the Royal Opera House in Stockholm
If you want to hear something mind-bogglingly beautiful listen to our version of E Lucevan Estelle (from the opera Tosca), with Conny Thimander singing, HERE. It's a rehearsal recording so the quality is not quite up to par, but it gives you an idea and it gives me the shivers. In the most fabulous way.

Full band

Horn Section; such lovely buoys (pun intended)

Yours truly, signing off!

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